Welcome to The Sanur Space, a hub of flexible work space to meet fellow local and international professionals, share and inspire ideas and collaborate forces for positive social impact. See our current events when you are curious how we promote social positivism!

The flexible work space that The Sanur Space provides, offers an alternative to freelancers and small entrepreneurs working in hotel lobbies and cafes and a change to professional used to conventional office spaces to work in a professional but home-feel sphere at each own individual pace.

The Sanur Space provides a hub where professionals from various sectors, backgrounds and cultures come together to work, meet, exchange ideas and find opportunities to collaborate on innovative initiatives for a better world. Unlike cafes where many people opt to work from, the members of The Sanur Space form a network of connected communities.

The Sanur Space is located in Bali, where more businesses are establishing their branches, both local as from abroad, as Jakarta is becoming more polluted and overcrowded. Organisations that work on environmental issues are in particular to be found on this green haven island.